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Covid Flares and War vs. the Global Supply Chain

Two years ago, the average person didn’t spend too much time thinking about the global supply chain, but that was before Covid-19 came to tangle the process of getting things to the right place at the right time. For two years the world has dealt with delays in the auto industry, ships standing endlessly in ports waiting to be unloaded, and empty grocery store shelves. And as if that was not bad enough, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has placed the already precarious supply chain in an even more difficult position. Add to that a Covid surge in China, where many parts and products are manufactured, and appears evident the supply chain woes will not be fixed any time soon.Read More »Covid Flares and War vs. the Global Supply Chain

Sanctions Pressure Putin after Attack on Ukraine

After months of speculation, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the largest conventional military attack on any sovereign state since World War II. The world has responded quickly. In an unprecedented move designed to ruin Russia’s economy, the Western powers are leading the charge to create a banking crisis, which they believe will plunge Russia into a deep recession. The whole world is watching as Vladimir Putin leads the assault on Ukraine, and the West creates an attack of their own, focusing on the banking industry.Read More »Sanctions Pressure Putin after Attack on Ukraine