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Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Beyonce sang “My persuasion can build a nation endless power. Who run the world? Girls.” And indeed, now more than ever, girls DO run the world. Women have worked their way to the top in all sorts of previously male dominated businesses, especially music, movies, and television. In the month of March, which is dedicated to the celebration of strong women, there are many musicians, celebrities, and other women to be celebrated who have started with nothing and risen to the top. These stalwart women prove that with a whole lot of effort, the glass ceiling can be smashed, and women can experience power and success on a scale equal to or exceeding men.Read More »Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Reading, Writing, and Personal Finance

For hundreds of years in the United States, students have been learning about reading, writing and arithmetic. But there is one area of learning that has been sorely lacking, and that is the area of personal finance. If students do not have a firm grasp about how to manage their money, they will be set up for a lifetime of difficulties in that area. Administrators are understanding this phenomenon, and this year alone, twenty-five states have introduced legislation to add personal finance to the high school curriculum.Read More »Reading, Writing, and Personal Finance

A Nation at a Standstill: Where Have all the Truck Drivers Gone?

Odds are you have not usually spent much time thinking about the supply chain that gets your toilet paper, t-shirts, and treats from the manufacturer to your doorstep, but in this Covid era, the nation has been forced to consider what has gone wrong. The perfect storm has been created that has generated gaping holes in the supply chain. At the heart of the problem is the shortage of truck drivers, who are tasked with the job of getting goods from the ports to the rest of the country. If you have the perfect gift in mind for the holidays, odds are you will need to think ahead in order to get it where it needs to go this season, because the problems caused by the meager amount of truck drivers will get worse before they get better .Read More »A Nation at a Standstill: Where Have all the Truck Drivers Gone?