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Dreams Become Dust as Job Offers Evaporating

Imagine being offered your dream job, whether you are getting your first adult job or leaving a toxic environment in which you already work. Interviews have been aced, bags have been packed, the good news has been shared with friends and family. But then suddenly, before you even start your new gig, it is over before it starts. After months and months of hearing how hot the job market is, with hiring teams and managers offering new employees the sun, stars, and moon, things are cooling off, and even those who think they have a job are not safe from being let go before they even start. The narrow openings in the tight labor market are widening, and taking innocent people stuck between jobs with them.Read More »Dreams Become Dust as Job Offers Evaporating

Continued Pain at the Used-Car Lot

You’ve heard, no doubt, about the pain at the pump, as gas prices continue to rise. But how about the pain of a used car lot, as prices for used cars have skyrocketed over the last two years? If you have tried to buy a car over this time frame, you have been met with low inventory, higher prices, and the proverbial sticker shock. Used car prices, especially, have put a choke hold on many consumers who are just trying to find a way to get around.Read More »Continued Pain at the Used-Car Lot

Inflation in the Nation

As Americans get ready to sit down to the Thanksgiving table next week, followed by what is traditionally the country’s biggest day of shopping, inflation threatens to truncate the celebration this year. Inflation has hit a 30 year high, and consumers can expect to pay more for products, especially food. With the troubles of the pandemic haunting consumers for the past 18 months, inflation has reared its ugly head at a very inopportune time. And those who were struggling to start with will have the most trouble dealing with the increased prices at the grocery store, the gas pump, and retail stores. The bad news is this bout with inflation is not projected to have a quick fix and will last well into 2022.Read More »Inflation in the Nation