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Making the Case for Streetlights: An Answer to Beachwood’s Age-Old Question

Beachwood, Ohio has been facing a question that has remained unanswered for years: should all streets have streetlights? This issue has brought about discussions within the community, government representatives, and other stakeholders. Recently, the Beachwood City Council called for another discussion on this topic, citing that most of the city’s side streets currently lack public lighting. Streetlights provide many benefits, and it may just be time for Beachwood to solve this prolonged issue.

Streetlights are essential for any city as they play multiple roles in ensuring safety, security, and social cohesion. The primary function of streetlights is to provide illumination for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists. Adequate lighting promotes safety by allowing individuals to navigate at night safely. In addition, suitable illumination can deter unwanted activities and provide the ability to identify those involved. Moreover, streetlights can enhance the aesthetic of the entire city, making it a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

Having streetlights on all streets in Beachwood Ohio is beneficial in many ways. Illumination can improve visibility and reduce the number of accidents that could result from reduced visibility. The provision of streetlights can also reduce the fear of being unsafe, encouraging people to walk, jog and cycle more frequently. In densely populated areas, street lighting can improve social cohesion by creating an environment for people to interact and socialize. The provision of well-lit public spaces is the foundation for a flourishing and vibrant community.

Contrary to popular belief that installing streetlights is costly, in the long run, they provide a good return on investment. Adequate lighting can reduce energy consumption by allowing the use of more efficient lights and reducing energy wastage. Additionally, properly installed and maintained streetlights can reduce maintenance costs and improve their lifespan.

Conversely, leaving streets without streetlights attracts multiple risks and dangers. Poorly lit streets could expose drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to significant risks leading to accidents. Moreover, poorly lit areas can attract unwanted activity, drug use, and indecent behavior. In some instances, it is not safe to walk in poorly lit areas, deterring potential investors and property owners from investing in such areas. Illuminating these areas may help mitigate these concerns and assure potential investors of the region’s safety.

In conclusion, the discussion to install streetlights in all streets within Beachwood Ohio is long overdue. The importance of having these fixtures in place is evident, ranging from increased safety and security to improved social cohesion, and enhanced aesthetics. While there might be initial installation costs involved, the long-term benefits make it a reasonable investment. By addressing this issue, Beachwood Ohio could invest in a brighter, safer, and more vibrant community. The city council must follow up on this discussion with a plan of action that takes into account the benefits of having adequate streetlights and the risks of having poorly lit areas. Installing streetlights in all locations within Beachwood Ohio would be a positive step in the right direction.

Adnan Zai, Beachwood Ohio

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